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«An impressive work, exciting and entertaining music at the height of what is sonically, formally, and compositionally possible in Big Band jazz today.«

Jazzpodium, Benno Bartsch

Jonas Winterhalter, born in Freiburg, Germany, is a trumpet player, composer, and educator currently working in Basel, Switzerland. He began playing the trumpet at the age of 10 and quickly developed an interest in a variety of musical styles. Throughout high school, he participated in various ensembles and Big Bands. Later, he studied under the guidance of American jazz trumpeter Gary Barone. From 2007 to 2012, Winterhalter pursued his studies at the University of Music, Department of Jazz, in Basel, whith Matthieu Michel, Bert Joris, and Adrian Mears. In 2008 and 2009, he was chosen for the "DKSJ All-Star Project," leading to tours directed by Alexander von Schlippenbach (2008) and Guillermo Klein (2009). Winterhalter's involvement in these projects, along with instruction from Lars Lindvall, Guillermo Klein, and Bert Joris, equipped him with the skills to create and perform his own Big Band compositions, ultimately resulting in his Big Band debut album "Eleven Things to Say" released under Neuklang records. Winterhalter's concert engagements have taken him worldwide, and in 2019, the Jonas Winterhalter Big Band held a residency at the Katjazz International Festival, marking the first visit of a professional Big Band to Nepal. In 2025, Winterhalter plans to launch a new Large Ensemble project. 


Photos: Felix Groteloh




Sarah Chaksad

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Jonas Winterhalter

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