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From his early childhood, on Gregor Hilbe's musical language contained the ethnically anchored percussion as well as electronic music. Through his many projects, has developed a sound that combines the directness and physicality of repetitive rhythms and the sensuality of electronic asthetics. The cosmopolitan history of his family and the many years livin g in Paris, London, Berlin and other cities has formed a sound that brings timelessness and zeitgeist together. Jazz, electronic avant-garde, dancefloor, ethnic music and many other styles have left their mark. His projects with traditional musicians from the Sahara, Argentina, Brazil, Corea/Korea, etc are a strong source of inspiration for Gregor Hilbe. In his compositions, he explores the magic of if rhythms and the possibilities to combine them with modern , electronic sounds. «The idea is to create a slightly trance-like music that unites body, soul, grooves and improvisational inspirations.» 

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

BOOMLESS is a solo-project by rhythmician/electronician Gregor Hilbe that opens the alley into altered states where you float along with the tide. It’s a sound to let go and just experience corporal movement. An intense Drumbeat embedded in old skool electronic culture going from Tony Allen to Can to Breakbeats to ... It’s all happening in the moment: instant loop culture, connecting organic rhythmic movement and digital atmospheres.




Sarah Chaksad

+ 41 79 427 82 66

Jonas Winterhalter

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