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Fabian Willmann by Finn Waldherr 2.jpg

Fabian Willmann – Saxophon

Arne Huber – Bass

Jeff Ballard – Drums
Guest: Asger Nissen – Saxophon

Taking a break while breaking forth, breaking forth while taking a break: Fabian Willmann finds the perfect balance between perception and memory. He is a subtle chronicler of the eternal moment, finding the right tone for his debut as a leader in order to make himself undeniably heard.
From the very first note up to the end of the album, the saxophonist and his companions leave no doubt that they not only know exactly where they come from, but also where the journey should go. They strip themselves down to the essentials, yet with something to say in every breath.
This concentration on what is necessary is extremely unusual for a debut album, but it is precisely this poised access to his imaginative mental and physical instruments that is Willmann's particular strength. His approach is devoid of any chatter, redundancy, or showing off. In this respect, Balance comes across as a kind of self-portrait. «I'd rather make a clear statement than hide the message somewhere in the saxophone» is his courageous credo.
Willmann's clear tone on the tenor saxophone recalls the best eras of a Dexter Gordon or a Stan Getz. On the other hand, the rhythmic meshing contributed by bassist Arne Huber and drummer Jeff Ballard is starkly modern.
Balance is the album we've all been waiting for.

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3-Trees Birds River Sky_03
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«A most auspicious start for an enterprise aiming for progressive credibility, this is already one of the most unassuming albums of 2022 and may end up being as one of the Best of the Year as well.»
Doug Collette, allaboutjazz

«The album casually celebrates the beauty of melody and magically gets better with every listen.»
Wolfgang Fricke, thatjazz 

«Spaciously presented, the trio pieces, resemble the groundbreaking trio work of Sonny Rollins in the ‚50s and Ornette Coleman in the ‚60s.
The measured freedom expressed in this recording is refreshing and robust.»

Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

«You don‘t want to accuse him of just wanting to remind you that the saxophone is the best of all instruments. But he managed to do so nonetheless.»
Lutz Vössing, SKUG



Jonas Winterhalter

Sarah Chaksad

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