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Percussion | Piano | Kamancheh

Finding a new musical language that is grounded in the tradition of classical European and Persian music. Bringing together people with different cultural backgrounds by overcoming the artificial distinction between «Eastern» and «Western» music. 


Having its origins in the long-term collaboration of the Kamancheh virtuoso Misagh Joolaee with his duo partners Schaghajegh Nosrati (piano) and Sebastian Flaig (percussion) theJoolaee Triowasfounded in 2021 and made its acclaimed stage debut at the Rudolstadt festival in the following year. Their celebrated performance led to further engagements at prestigious venues and festivals such as Sendesaal Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival, Jazz Meets World Festival Prague, Radeberger-Konzerte Köln and Heidelberger Frühling.The musical language of the trio is characterised by rhythmical originality and lyrical narratives, virtuosic runs and whispered silence. Displaying influences of Persian, (classical) European and contemporary music, the Joolaee Trio gives rise to a unique language and sonority in the context of the musical dialogue. The repertoire of the Trio is mostly original/self-composed, but it also contains arrangements of Turkish and Azeri folk songs and works by classical European composers such as Bartók, Ravel and Ligeti. 

Joolaee Trio | Be Hich Diyar

Joolaee Trio | Erzincan

Joolaee Trio | Sharar

Joolaee Trio | Oriental Fantasy & Fugue




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